What Love Is This (German)


What Love Is This (by Dave Hunt)
Is God misrepresented in Calvinism?

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  • Title: What Love Is This
  • Subtitle: Is God misrepresented in Calvinism?
  • Author: Dave Hunt
  • Publisher: European Missionary Press
  • Number of pages: 580
  • Language: German
  • ISBN: 978-3-941398-09-2
  • Weight: 0.953 kg

Many sincere, Bible-believing Christians are Calvinists only by default. Thinking that the only choice is between Calvinism (with its presumed doctrine of eternal security) and Arminianism (with its teaching that salvation can be lost), and confident of Christ’s promise to keep eternally those who believe in Him, they therefore consider themselves to be Calvinists.

Although there are disputed variations of the Calvinist doctrine, among its chief proponents (whom we quote extensively in context) there is general agreement on certain core beliefs. Most shocking of all, however, is Calvinism’s misrepresentation of God, who “is love.”

Does the Bible present a gospel which can only be understood by a select group of theologians?

  • The History and Present State of Calvinism
  • Expositon of all Bible passages
  • Detailed Keyword Index

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