The Deputation Manual


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  • Title: Deputation Manual
  • Author: Thomas Castellaw
  • Publisher: European Missionary Press
    Number of pages: 43
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 1-890120-18-9
  • Weight: 0.073 kg

“A need seen is a callgiven!”


There are some things, quite evident and undeniable.
In Chattanooga TN, where my family lives, there are approximately 700 independent Baptist churches. Don’t try to tell me that God almighty has called 700 men to pastor that close together. Somebody is backslidden. Somebody belongs on the mission field that’s not going! I’m sure they’d all swear they’re called to be there, but a man with an honest heart who sees the flooding of certain areas knows a man that stays in the comfort of his kindred, state and town of birth is not there for conviction or calling but for convenience. Down south, on almost every corner is some form of Baptist Church. In Massachusetts and New Jersey you might do well to find one every 100 – 200 miles. Somebody is backslidden! It’s been said, “A need seen is a call given.” I’m a very practial personand I would have a tendency to agree with the statement. A need seen is a call given! Why not you!? I guarantee you’ll make worse mistakes in your life than to try and go on a foreign field, up North or out West to serve Jesus Christ!”

-Thomas Castellaw
Missionary to Germany

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