VINCE SUTEK 1912-1990

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  • Title: A COMMON MAN
  • Subtitles: VINCE SUTEK 1912-1990
  • Author: Dr. Gerald Sutek
  • Publisher: European Missionary Press
  • Number of pages: 33
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-3-941398-05-4
  • Weight: 0.064 kg

This centuy recently past contained the whole of this man’s life and when it passed, the impression his life made upon this world also passed. The following brief biography is an attempt to prolong the memory of my father, Vince Sutek, if only among branches of his own family tree. His only invention was a special cut in a clothes line pole designed to prevent the pole from collapsing when the wind blew. Subsequently, when the demand for clotheslines waned, so did the need for his invention. He painted no picture to hang on the wall, but the beauty of his memory is forever lovingly hung in the galleries of the hears of those who knew him well. His wisdom was not his own, and his quips, which will be sprinkled throughout this writing, were borrowed from the few books he read and acquiered from a generation, which gained more from proverbs than our present generation. He wrote nothing significant; except his “expressive quickie” notes to encourage me while I was away in college, and his love letters to my mother. He would write postcards to me as he drove the expressway, holding them on the steering wheel and jotting as he could. I wish I still had just one of those. His contribution to his generation was simply being a wholesome example of a decent person. At my fathers’s  and mother’s fiftieth anniversary, I told those present thant, having knownmy father intimately for forty-two years, I had never known my father to commit a sin. He was the best man that I ever known, and with this tribute I wish to preserve his memory in the minds and hearts of his procreation for as long as possible.

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